What is Domestic Abuse?

Explanations of the different types of domestic abuse including coercive control

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The Helpline is a confidential, free support and referral service for anyone affected by domestic abuse. It has now completed its sixth year as a registered charity but has been operational for a total of 15 years.  Our aim is to improve the lives of anyone affected by domestic abuse including those seeking help to change their behaviour.  When you call us, our well-trained call takers will listen carefully and non-judgmentally before providing information appropriate to your individual needs to enable you to make your own decisions about what you would like to do. We have contact details for some 177 mainly Hertfordshire services that can help you. You can read more about the impact of Domestic Abuse in our blogs which features case studies and articles with more information. The Helpline is a registered charity and its services are separate from, but closely aligned with, Herts Sunflower Partnership. You can contact us by phone on 08 088 088 088 or, if you prefer, email us on support@hertsdomesticabusehelpline.org. Please be careful to cover your tracks.